February 17, 2015

Update on inclement weather's impact at VUMC

Road conditions continue to be of paramount concern for faculty and staff at both Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The majority of Vanderbilt’s academic programs continue to be reduced or closed again today. Traci Nordberg, Chief Human Resources Officer, said in an email to all faculty and staff that Vanderbilt’s “paramount concern is for the safety of our students and staff,” and employees were advised to use “their best judgment” in deciding whether or not to report to work.

"Staff directly supporting academic programs may use PTO if they are unable to get to work and will be not be penalized for being absent or arriving late. However, with students on campus some areas will need staff to provide food and other services.

"Administrative areas such as Finance, DOA, OGC, Athletics, DAR, Public Affairs, Investments, and IT will determine their core services and staffing needs and contact employees about whether to report to work. Those who are not identified as core, or who are unable to make it into work, may use PTO," said Nordberg.

At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Orange Alert for Inclement Weather remains in effect. Night shift staff have been released, but departments need to confirm that staff leaving campus are able to return for their next scheduled shift. The staff accommodations plan remains in effect and staff are strongly encouraged to utilize it if they are unsure they will be able to return as scheduled. Staff who would like to utilize the staff accommodations plan need to call the VCH Access Center at 936-4444 to make a reservation.

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