March 24, 2015

VUMC's Craft and Davis to present at Association for Hospital Medical Education annual meeting

by Sarah Carpenter

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Trish Craft, administrative director of the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME), and Vicki Davis, senior performance consultant with Workforce Performance Operations (WPO), have been selected as feature presenters at this year’s Association for Hospital Medical Education conference in May for the implementation of the GME Program Coordinator Curriculum redesign.

Event attendance will be at an all-time high according to organizers — more than 500 representatives from teaching hospitals, academic medical centers and consortia involved in the delivery of undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education around the world are expected to attend.

Craft and Davis’s presentation is called, “Creating a Dynamic Program Coordinator Community.” Their collaboration began last year when Craft approached WPO for assistance in creating effective training delivery and evaluation methods for newly hired program coordinators. Fifty to 60 coordinators support more than 1,000 residents and clinical fellows annually, among 90 residency and clinical fellowship programs at VUMC.

“When I was first hired at Vanderbilt, Dr. Brady, senior associate dean for Graduate Medical Education, had several of the program coordinators interview me. One of the things I realized from that interview was that they had some significant needs that were not being met — needs for better information, better training, better connections amongst each other more support. We wanted to build a community of learners, and I knew from working with WPO on other projects that they would be a wonderful resource for enhancing the coordinator program,” Craft said.

The GME supports its coordinators in numerous ways, most notably through the program coordinator manual hosted on their website. Updated yearly, it’s become a globally recognized template and has been shared with graduate programs as far away as Singapore.

WPO has helped the GME create and enhance comprehensive learning resources for its coordinator curriculum, including an on-boarding plan, the creation of a Community of Practice, and the design of job aids that enrich training delivery and performance. WPO also assisted with the implementation of monthly professional development meetings and the development of evaluations for use after coordinator networking retreats.

In addition to these resources, the GME provides mentorships to newly hired coordinators, and promotes coordinator certification opportunities through Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education.

“We provide some great resources but the challenge is to not overwhelm the coordinators by dumping everything on them at once. WPO has helped us evaluate and improve the quality of our resources so that our coordinator community feels fully supported,” Craft said.

“Program coordinators have important responsibilities to the incoming residents and clinical fellows and we wanted to make that transition go as smoothly as possible. Setting them up for success was our ultimate goal,” Davis said.