June 11, 2015

Spotted storybooks and coupons provide employee recognition

The VUMC Staff Community Pulse Surveys are going on now, and VUMC leaders want to hear from all staff. It is important for all employees to take the survey. Leaders are listening, and your feedback will result in improvements like the recently introduced “spotted!” recognition programs.

The “spotted!” storybooks, colorful notebooks with printed scrapbook-like pages, and coupons are designed to express appreciation for faculty and staff doing great work.

“Leaders are committed to making recognition an integral part of the VUMC culture, and ‘spotted!’ is another step,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D., deputy vice chancellor for Health Affairs and CEO of the Vanderbilt Health System. “We know stories about the great work of our staff and faculty are happening all day long, and the storybooks are another way to capture these efforts for all to see.”

You can use the storybooks to recognize any employee. If you see someone going above and beyond or living out a Credo behavior, find a book, write the story, and then give the book to that employee. The employee you’ve spotted can then read what you wrote and look for another employee to recognize.

Storybooks don’t have to stay within departments; you can recognize employees across the organization. So far, 10 books have been distributed. If you can’t find a book, contact Susie Lyons in Human Resources. When books are full, they should be returned to HR. Some of the stories will be posted on the HR website and have random drawings for prizes to the spotters and spottees who have written stories.

Leaders and, soon, Recognition Ambassadors such as previous Credo award winners, can also use “spotted!” coupons to recognize employees. The “Recognition Ambassadors” are co-workers who have previously been recognized for their exemplary Credo behavior that we want them to help ‘spot’,” said  Lyons.

Each leader was given a coupon May’s Leadership Assembly to get the program off the ground. Several coupons have already been redeemed for movie passes or meals at the cafeteria.

“spotted!” is one new approach to employee recognition for VUMC and more are being planned.

“Many employers have recognition programs, but VUMC leaders want to do more than simply see great results. They want to shine a light on how employees achieve those results by living our Credo. This is what sets VUMC apart from other organizations. The way we do our work matters to the people we serve and is a tremendous part of what builds our caring culture and our successful organization,” added Lyons.

Visit the Community Survey Web page for more information about this year’s Pulse survey. There’s still time for you to share your feedback on what VUMC is doing well, and what could be improved as we strive to become an even better place to work.

If you have questions about spotted! or the Staff Community Pulse Survey, or would like to get access to a spotted! book, please email Susie.lyons@vanderbilt.edu.