June 30, 2015

A Clinical Systems selection (CS 2.0): Engage in the conversation

Message from Kevin Johnson, M.D., chair of Biomedical Informatics:

In the last three months, we had 56 interviews with more than 480 Vanderbilt University Medical Center clinicians and staff members to understand the current functionality of our clinical systems. We led 32 architecture review sessions with VUMC technical staff members.

As part of our evaluation, we reviewed our existing VUMC systems and received input from specialty areas. In total, we heard more than 570 functional requirements that current VUMC staff and faculty want. In June, more than 90 clinicians and staff met to review the 570 functional requirements we’d gathered, and developed more than 40 unique scripts – or case studies – to see if our vendors can deliver.

To communicate effectively about CS 2.0, we’ve held six Discovery Listening Sessions and more than 70 one-on-one conversations. In total, about 700 VUMC personnel have participated in the opening dialogues about CS 2.0.

One key observation from these efforts is the importance of continuing to learn how best to communicate efficiently, effectively and clearly. We want to listen to you now, with a goal of developing a comprehensive communication strategy within and outside of HealthIT.

Join the conversation by attending a Discovery Listening Session tomorrow,  Wednesday, July 1. Come share ideas about how we can communicate effectively with you, hear input from you and engage with you in this important work. Click on the link below and search for Discovery Listening in the “Find a Course” section. Groups are limited to 15 people each, so sign up now.

A communication facilitator will be there to greet you, listen to you, take notes and share them with the CS 2.0 leaders.

For more information, go to https://learningexchange.ea.vanderbilt.edu/#/dashboard.

For questions, email cs@vanderbilt.edu. Together we can build the best system to care for our patients. Thank you.