July 23, 2015

Community Pulse Survey shows staff more confident in VUMC's direction

The results are in.

VUMC’s 2015 Staff Community Pulse Survey, held in June, shows we’ve made good progress on our journey to be a great employer, but also have opportunities to continue our work. The item with the greatest movement in favorable ratings — Vanderbilt has a clear sense of direction — improved by 10 percent.

“It is gratifying to see that more employees feel we have a clear path forward,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D., deputy vice chancellor for Health Affairs and CEO of the Vanderbilt Health System. “Our senior leaders have been sharing information in many forums to be sure everyone knows our priorities, strategies and can support our future direction. The town halls and conversations with leaders sessions have provided a new forum for faculty and staff to engage and feel more connected to our organization.

"These discussions provide an important opportunity to share information. I want to thank everyone for attending and sharing their thoughts with us. We will continue to have these gatherings so that everyone can stay well informed about Medical Center happenings and actively participate in these discussions by adding valuable ideas and solutions,” Pinson said.

VUMC staff participation was 69 percent, up from 66 percent in the last survey held in the fall of 2013. The survey’s questions were organized into four dimensions to illustrate how employees were feeling about key areas:

• The organization’s effectiveness: 73 percent felt favorable
• Supervisors and management: 62 percent felt favorable
• Recognition and career advancement opportunities: 67 percent felt favorable
• Co-worker performance and cooperation: 83 percent felt favorable about this area.

Within these dimensions we learn about our strengths, but also where we have more work like providing career growth and senior leaders showing more support.

“We will continue our work in these areas, because we truly want VUMC to be a great place to work for all employees,” said Traci Nordberg, chief human resources officer. “In recent months, we’ve rolled out our new “spotted!” recognition programs and introduced a number of groups to our new career framework that makes it easier to see the different career paths available to you. This is just the beginning, there is much more to come.”

Later this week, VUMC leaders will begin receiving the results of the 2015 Staff Community Pulse Survey to review with their teams. This year’s action planning process will work differently than previous years. Instead of all teams preparing action plans to drive improvements in their work environment, teams that excel in certain areas will partner with others to share best practices and help each other improve.

“Creating a great place to work takes all of us, and we want to be the kind of place where everyone helps each other and the organization overall to succeed,” Nordberg said. “We have some leaders and teams with great ideas that we can all learn from."

You can learn more about the survey at http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/commsurvey. Your manager will share more information about your team’s results soon.