July 30, 2015

Annual evaluation process underway

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s annual evaluation process kicked off this month and runs through the end of August. All staff currently have the opportunity to complete self-evaluations in Performance Central rating their own results on FY15 goals, credo and elements of performance and entering comments for managers to consider when completing their final ratings and evaluation. Self-evaluations should be finished and submitted to managers by July 31.

Any self-evaluations not completed by that date will be closed and the forms will automatically move forward to managers to enter their ratings and comments. Managers will then schedule performance conversations to discuss evaluations, and both you and your manager will digitally sign your evaluation to complete the process. All of these steps should be complete by Aug. 31 unless you are a manager or leader whose goals rely on fiscal year results that may not be available by Aug. 31. In this instance, you will have until Sept. 30 to complete the process.

Compliance required by Aug. 31 for annual evaluation, October pay increase

As part of your annual evaluation, be sure to complete all required compliance items listed for you in the Compliance Portal by Aug. 31. Your manager must verify whether your compliance items, which may be housed in other systems such as the Learning Exchange, are required or not to complete your annual evaluation. You must also be fully compliant by this date to qualify for the October pay increase. While the Compliance Portal consolidates your list of compliance requirements, you will still need to use some other systems to complete your items.

Job aids, training available

Job aids are available to help you complete both self-evaluations and manager evaluations. You can also register to attend a live training session in the Learning Exchange. (Search for Performance Central Annual Evaluation Training for Leaders and Staff.)

See the Performance Central website for a complete list of resources.