August 4, 2015

New Website for CS 2.0

One of the goals for HealthIT is to provide you with timely and open communication.

To help keep you engaged with CS 2.0, we have produced an internal website. The link is On the website is a timeline of work-in-progress, leadership perspectives and a communication kit to keep your teams informed.

We are setting up an Ambassadors' program for those who want to be more actively involved in CS 2.0. We are also recruiting a Speaker's Bureau of individuals with special knowledge of CS 2.0 to speak to interested groups. Email for speaker requests or Ambassador information, or connect with us through the contact link on the website.

We look forward to engaging you in any way you want to be involved. Our goal is to build the best clinical system to support the next generation of care for our patients.


— Kevin Johnson, M.D.
Chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics