September 1, 2015

Advise Vanderbilt online panel launched

An online advisory panel called Advise Vanderbilt was launched last week. More than 8,000 invitations were e-mailed to Vanderbilt employees.

The email comes from Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a subject line “Invitation from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.”

“Over the years we have had many staff ask if they could join our Patient and Family Advisory Council that meets in person once a month but we excluded them because, being ‘insiders’ they usually know who to call if they experience a problem or they know a workaround,” said Terrell Smith, director of Patient and Family Engagement for Vanderbilt University Hospital and Clinics.

Members of the Advise Vanderbilt Community will be given the opportunity to provide their opinion through once- or twice-a-month surveys. The first step is taking a brief 3-5 minute online survey.

The website to sign up for Advise Vanderbilt is here.