December 10, 2015

Medical Center Post Office requests packing materials

The Medical Center Post Office maintains a small package wrapping area outside its window service at B-0107 Medical Center North. This area is stocked with discarded but usable boxes and wrapping materials, available for use by those getting ready to mail a package.  

The highest demand times for the use of packing materials is the holiday mailing season, and the Post Office is looking to build up its stock of boxes and packing material, said Frank Ashe, manager of the Post Office.

"To build up our stock, we would like to solicit donations of packing materials such as brown paper and bubble wrap and small, sturdy boxes," he said. "The boxes have to be stout enough to survive handling in the USPS mail stream. In particular, we would be happy to receive styrofoam peanuts in any quantity. These are very popular with people packing Christmas presents, and we can seldom get enough."

For more information about donations of boxes or packing material, contact Rhonda Cook at 615-322-8761 or