November 5, 2015

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week, Nov. 1-7

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week is a national, weeklong event that raises awareness and highlights the importance of ethics and compliance in the workplace.

During this week, Vanderbilt’s Office of Healthcare Compliance (OHCC) invites you to visit its website and learn how you can help VUMC’s compliance efforts in your workday and routine.

On the website you’ll have the opportunity to play games for prizes that will be awarded during Compliance Week. You’ll find a word search, a crossword puzzle and a word scramble. All the information needed to complete each game is found throughout the website.

Submit your puzzle answers to the Compliance Office by noon Friday, Nov. 7, to claim your prize.

Answers can be submitted two ways:
• Email: or
• Fax: 615-343-9138

(Note: All correctly completed games returned to OHCC by noon on Nov. 7 will be entered into a drawing for prizes. You may enter all three puzzles to increase your chances of winning, but only one prize will be awarded per person.)