November 19, 2015

Wireless connectivity improvements coming to VUMC

Over the next several months Vanderbilt University IT (VUIT) and Health IT are working together to improve the wireless connectivity throughout the Medical Center. This work will occur in stages, with the end goal of providing more reliable connectivity for clinical devices.

The first stage of this initiative is to secure the guest network (vummiv) by adding a wireless acceptance page on Nov. 19.  This will require guest users to accept the terms and conditions of use before being provided access to the network.

It is critical that all faculty, staff, and students are using the appropriate wireless network (vuNet) prior to this change.  If you have been using vummiv as your wireless connection, please visit the Vanderbilt IT webpage for instructions on connecting to VUnet.

Future stages of the initiative will include re-architecting the deployment of wireless access points and re-designing the layers network connectivity. VUIT and Health IT are working with its partners at the Center for Medical Interoperability to determine the best plan for each of these phases. The end result should increase the reliability of network coverage in all areas and reduce the interference currently experienced due to placement of access points.