December 8, 2015

HR reminder: mid-year conversations coming up soon

We are almost half way through fiscal year 2016. For Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) staff this means mid-year conversations are just around the corner.  

Once again, VUMC staff will use Performance Central to document their mid-year review for fiscal 2016. This year, the staff and leaders will use a simplified evaluation form, which will have three areas to comment on (CREDO, elements of performance and goals). This is an opportunity to review progress on goals through the second quarter as goals are weighed 25 percent of the annual score.

We will use a streamlined form for the first time during the mid-year performance evaluation process, which is set for Jan. 4 through March 11, 2016. A timeline for the fiscal year 2016 performance review process is available on the Performance Central website.

“The mid-year conversation is an excellent way to get two-way feedback on what is working, areas for improvement and openly communicate your professional goals,” said Traci K. Nordberg, chief human resources officer. “As a result, holding successful mid-year performance evaluations takes preparation.”

Here are some tips you can use to get prepared.

  • Plan ahead. Put time on your schedule to complete your self-evaluation due to your manager by Jan. 18.
  • Do your homework. Beforehand gather information about objectives set earlier in the year, your job responsibilities and documentation, such as status reports to check on the progress of projects or kudos from coworkers or a Spotted coupon from a manager. This will help you show concrete examples of how you are actively moving towards hitting those objectives. 
  • Take responsibility for your professional growth. The Career Framework section on the HR website outlines career opportunities, measures performance, and provides job descriptions that accurately set expectations and consistent job titles. Click here for a variety of career development resources available to help you manage your career at VUMC.

Training available in 2016

In early 2016, we will offer a variety of training resources to both managers and staff on how to write an effective mid-year review, use the new form in Performance Central, and tips on effective mid-year conversations. The training will include in-person sessions, webinars, quick eLearning resources and job aids. Stay tuned for more information.