March 1, 2016

Early Development Lab seeks 24-month-old children for research

The Early Development Lab at the Department of Psychology at Vanderbilt is seeking help from parents with children around 24-months old. Researchers are looking at how young children come to understand and use information from video or pictures.

If you choose to participate, you and your child will come to the lab at Vanderbilt for about an hour and your child will search for hidden toys using clues from either videos or pictures. You will be with your child the entire time. The session will be videotaped, and trained researchers will look at the videos later for more information about children's behavior

You will also be asked to fill out questionnaires giving some basic information about you and your child. At the end your child will receive a small toy for participating.

If this sounds interesting to you, please call the lab at 615-283-0442 or contact