January 26, 2016

CS 2.0 Update from Kevin Johnson, M.D., chair of Biomedical Informatics

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Our Go LIVE date for our new clinical IT system is Nov. 1, 2017 — just 93 weeks away. To be successful, it will take all of us within VUMC working together.


As you have now heard, Epic is our chosen vendor. Thank you to more than 750 people who gave their time in the evaluation phase. Epic is excited to work with us at VUMC as leaders in informatics and quality patient care. If you’ve had experience working with Epic software before or have an Epic certification, please let us know by emailing cs@Vanderbilt.edu. We would like to be aware of you, since these skill sets will be important assets as we move forward.


Our new program director, Chris Costello, is recruiting and organizing the CS 2.0 Team. We have more than 130 VUMC members who will be traveling to Wisconsin in January and February to begin Epic certification.  In March, we will begin engaging the VUMC community on functionality and scope. We will want to hear from you about opportunities to partner in your area.


Please share updates in your staff meetings. For information on why we chose Epic, the timeline, and governance, please check out the Communication Toolkits at https://cs2.mc.vanderbilt.edu.


We have more than 600 Ambassadors throughout VUMC helping us communicate effectively. Professional development is available to Ambassadors, and 30-minute courses are being offered this week. Sign-up in the Learning Exchange. Search for the keyword “Ambassador.”


Tuesday, January 26 (3401 West End)

2 p.m. Ambassador Listener 201

2:45 p.m. Ambassador Rounder 201

3:30 p.m. Ambassador Communicator 201

4:15 p.m. Ambassador Champion 201


Thursday, January 28 (Webinar)

9 a.m. Ambassador Listener 201

9:45 a.m. Ambassador Rounder 201

10:30 a.m. Ambassador Communicator 201

11:15 a.m. Ambassador Champion 201