March 10, 2016

Language Development Lab study seeks infants and toddlers

The Language Development Lab at Vanderbilt University is seeking help from parents with infants 11 to 12.5 months or toddlers 18 to 22 months of age. The studies are designed to discover how children learn to understand speech, especially when it is about something absent.  

The researchers are looking for parents willing to bring their baby or toddler to the lab and participate in a study. The lab's procedures are brief, fun and entirely safe, and parents stay with their children throughout the visit.  

The studies involve one of the following procedures: 

  • Playing with your baby with some toys and recording his or her reaction to mentioning the toys when they are present or absent. 
  • Video recording your baby as he or she plays with some toys.   

All the studies involve one visit of about 45 minutes to one hour to the lab, which is in Jesup Hall on the Peabody Campus. There is free parking near the lab, and one of the lab members will meet you near the parking area and walk you up to our lab.

The lab also has a waiting area where older brothers or sisters can play with some toys with lab members while you and your baby take part in the study. If you think you might be interested, call 615-343-8721 or email