February 25, 2016

Summer administrative internship program application deadline is Feb. 29

This summer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center will offer a summer administrative internship program for students hoping to gain more experience in hospital operations. The program will host four undergraduate or graduate level interns for 10 weeks, and preceptors are needed to host these interns. Interns will be centrally funded, but deployed to areas based on need and project availability. Project work for the interns can be focused in a variety of business and operational areas across the medical center. The proposed internship should include these components:

  • Ten-week experience that provides hands-on training and exposure to critical skill-sets, tools and processes through rotations and structured project work
  • Report out of deliverables and overall evaluation of project work completed
  • Significant PCC or core service-level learning opportunities or competencies identified
  • Strong preceptor/mentor within PCC or core service department leadership team

Deadline for application is Feb. 29. If you are interested in hosting an intern for the summer, contact Kathleen Mandato, Trey Bryant and Tripp Grooms at vumcadminfellowship@vanderbilt.edu.