March 1, 2016

Office of Healthcare Compliance offers news on VUMC policy system, PolicyTech

Among recent changes with the VUMC policy system, PolicyTech:

A new link to Mosby’s Nursing Skills is available from PolicyTech. To access Mosby’s, open the document and click the link as instructed.

Policies from across VUMC are being added to the system; recent additions include Finance & Revenue Cycle policies, links to the VEHS policy pages and policies from the Office of Research.

How do I link to a policy? Every document in PolicyTech has a unique URL that will always direct to the most recent version of the document. But there’s a catch: the document URL is not in the address bar!

The address bar URL will seem to work the first time, but will break when the document is updated. Instead, go to the Overview tab (circled) and scroll down to the document URL. 

Link from the overview tab, not from the url.

Link from the overview tab, not from the url.

You can also copy the URL without opening the document (from browse or search). Click the down arrow and select Document URLs from the drop-down.

See the PolicyTech Job Aid – Link to a Policy. These and other instructions are always available in PolicyTech > Policies & Procedures > PolicyTech Administration.

Users seeking assistance with PolicyTech can contact the Office of Healthcare Compliance (615-343-7266), Accreditation & Standards (615-936-5474), or email