March 15, 2016

Vanderbilt offers more than 100 discounts: Flash your ID, you may just get something for it


Looking to adopt a furry friend? Moving into a new apartment? Looking for a weekend getaway? Wearing your Vanderbilt ID badge swipes you into your building but it can also cut you a bargain. Make sure you are never without the latest information about Vanderbilt employee discounts so you know where to flash your badge.

You can now subscribe to the VUMC discounts listserv to get up-to-date information directly in your inbox. From last minute Nashville Predator’s game tickets to discounts on closing costs if you’re buying a home, Vanderbilt has you covered. With more than 100 discounts available, there’s something for everyone.

Subscribing to the discounts listserv will gain you access to regular updates about new discounts, limited-time offers and more.

To sign up for the discounts listserv, click here. For full list of all the offers in our discount program, visit the HR website and click on the Discount tab in the top navigation.