April 14, 2016

CS 2.0 kickoff scheduled for Monday, April 18

Mitch Edgeworth, Kevin Johnson, M.D., and Cecelia Moore invite VUMC staff and faculty to attend the official launch of CS 2.0 to the VUMC enterprise. Mark your calendar and register in the Learning Exchange at https://learningexchange.ea.vanderbilt.edu/#/dashboard. Search for “Official Launch of CS 2.0.”

The event is scheduled for 10-11:30 a.m. on April 18 in Langford Auditorium.

The CS 2.0 program is an essential element of VUMC’s strategy to deliver seamless care for our patients. At this event you will hear updates on the vision, guiding principles, scope, decision-making processes, and timeline through 2017. Attendees will meet the clinical, business and IT leaders of the program and learn how our collective work will be enhanced through this new system.  

Key questions we will address:

1. What is the projected timeline for implementation?

2. How will the new IT system impact my team and me? 

3. How will decisions be made?

4. How do I know that the IT functions I need will be included? 

Attendees will also see demonstrations of Epic’s capabilities, discover the new name for CS 2.0, and meet a surprise guest. Please join us to celebrate this important milestone. 

If you are actively engaged in clinical care at this time and can’t attend, we will share a video of this event and provide a communication toolkit with PowerPoint slides and FAQs. Ambassadors will also round April 19-22 to answer questions.