April 19, 2016

Nutrition Services observes "Expressions Week"

Some smiling faces from Nutrition Services

Some smiling faces from Nutrition Services

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Credo is the foundation of who we are, how we treat each other and how we do our work. Several departments have gone above and beyond recently to display expressions of the Credo. After completing the Expressions of Our Credo discussion guide as a team, Nutrition Services created a plan to dedicate an entire week to show off their biggest smiles and express the Credo — they named it “Expressions Week.”

“Nutrition Services was inspired by Expressions of our Credo and wanted to showcase our department’s smiles, so we made it a whole week of goodies to inspire smiles,” said Joshua Rixon, retail manager of Nutrition Services.

On Monday, April 18, Nutrition Services began different themed days, such as “Smile for Cake” and “Expressions Day” to promote positivity, smiles and living out the Credo. The department has about 200 employees and manages a hostess/host program that takes bedside ordering for patient meals. They are responsible for about 650 trays per meal service.

As you may know, a new Learning Operations experience, Culture of Service: Expressions of Our Credo, encourages employees to participate in an “Express Your-Selfie” contest. Departments across the Medical Center are snapping selfies, showing how they deliver top customer service. You still have several weeks to grab a colleague and snap a photo that best expresses the Credo.

The “Express Your-Selfie” contest ends May 1. Be sure to follow all policies in your area regarding photography and do not disclose any health information. Email your photo to cultureofservice@vanderbilt.edu along with your name(s) and departments(s).

You and/or your colleague will be entered in a drawing to win a “spotted!” card. Each week, 30 cards are awarded. These cards are coupons designed to express appreciation for faculty and staff going above and beyond or living out a Credo behavior. Winning a “spotted!” card allows you to redeem the coupon for one Regal movie ticket at HR Concierge (MCN, VCH or OHO locations) or serves as a $5 voucher at Courtyard Cafe or VCH Vandy Cafe.

And remember, the Credo is who we are.

  • We provide excellence in health care, research and education.
  • We treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • We continuously evaluate and improve our performance.

If you have questions, please email the cultureofservice@vanderbilt.edu.

Want to see how your colleagues are doing? To see “Express Your-Selfie” contest submissions, visit the Culture of Service freeform group by logging to freeform with your VunetID and e-password. Once you log in, you can check out the Selfie Contest Submissions album.