May 12, 2016

VUMC Concur site now live

The VUMC Concur site is now live. It is available at

All travelers and those seeking expense reimbursement in the new VUMC site must take action:

1)       Access to prior expense reports: All expense reports in the current Concur system will remain with Vanderbilt University. Copies of previous expense reports can only be obtained by special request to VU.

2)       Concur User Configurations: Users will need to reestablish their profiles before submitting for reimbursement or booking travel. As previously communicated, user configurations from the VU site did  not transfer over into the new VUMC site.

·         Profile Setup: Users will need to setup profiles in the new VUMC site.

·         Delegate Assignment: Travel and expense delegates will need to be assigned in the new VUMC site.

·         Bank Account Entry and Verification: Users need to enter bank account information and let it verify before any expense can be reimbursed. Please note:  If you are a T & E card holder and have the guest booking privilege and WILL NOT be traveling or have any expense reimbursements, then it is not necessary to input your bank account information.

 If you have any questions, please contact