May 12, 2016

Culture of Service: Impressions--SNAPfeed quiz is here

First impressions make a difference. Have you ever wondered what kind of first impression you leave on someone? Impressions, the next phase of the Culture of Service experience, can help you find out. You have been invited through the Learning Exchange to take a fun, lighthearted personality quiz — a SNAPfeed quiz — similar to Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is a website known for its wide range of personality quizzes.

What is SNAP, you ask? It is a simple acronym to help you make a positive impression:

  • S — Smile. Your body language and tone of voice communicates your compassion. A smile can be seen and heard.
  • N — Nod. Listen and provide feedback to indicate that you are listening. Nod and give verbal cues like ‘I see.’ Make eye contact, take notes and summarize what you have heard.
  • A — Ask. Clarify and ask appropriate follow up questions.
  • P — Pause. Pause to think about the action to take to serve the other person in the best possible way. Take time to be sure that the other person is satisfied with your service.

The quiz, “What kind of medical device are you?,” walks you through a short series of personality questions. When you receive your results, the highest percentage will represent your medical device type. Each medical device represents different personality traits you may display, what they say about your communication style and ways you connect with others. Take the quiz to read about your strengths and how you could adapt and create a stronger culture of service. 

Be sure to take advantage of the free resources on the right side of the webpage while your quiz results tabulate. Learn tips about service recovery, using AIDET for success and more.

To access the quiz in the Learning Exchange, please search “COSS”.

We encourage you to share your quiz results on FreeForm. Visit the Culture of Service page and share which medical device you got. You will be required to enter in your VUNetID and e-password.