May 19, 2016

Clinical preceptors needed for Foundations of Health Care Delivery

Foundations of Health Care Delivery (FHD), is a key component of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine's Curriculum 2.0. Clinical preceptors are now being recruited for the upcoming academic year.

Clinical preceptors are critical to the success of the course. All first-year medical students are placed in clinical sites for one afternoon per week throughout their first year of medical school. The clinical site acts as an educational "home" where students become part of the clinical team.

Because the learning in FHD is more than simply an early clinical clerkship, students are given assignments that help them better understand the systems of care in which they are learning. Assignments are completed in clinic and are designed to provide opportunities to learn about systems of care in the clinical microenvironment. Over time, we expect students to bring value to the clinic as they progress from beginning to intermediate to advanced learners. 

Clinic sites must meet the following requirements to participate:

·         Be located within 30 minutes driving distance from Vanderbilt 

·         Hold weekly afternoon clinic sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons

·         Allow regular opportunities for students to interact with patients

·         Provide a welcoming learning environment to students 


Time Commitment 

Students spend one afternoon a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) in clinic approximately three times per month. The fourth week of each month is usually reserved for a didactic session facilitated by a separate group of small group facilitators. There will be approximately 27 clinic sessions each year between August 2016 and June 2017.



All preceptors who meet these expectations will receive an annual stipend of $3,000. Payments will be initiated in April 2017 for preceptors who fulfill all preceptor expectations as outlined above. Payments may be delayed until all requirements are completed.

If interested in severing as a preceptor, please contact