May 17, 2016

Marilyn Dubree urges staff to participate in VUMC Culture Survey

Marilyn Dubree

Marilyn Dubree

This article provided by VUMC Human Resources.

As a Magnet designated organization, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is infused with a culture that brings out the best in our staff and offers the highest quality care for our patients and their families. Our more than 5,000 nurses are a vital part of what make VUMC a great place to work.

So we recently sat down with Marilyn Dubree, Executive Chief Nursing officer, to find out why she views the VUMC Culture Survey as a conversation starter on how to make VUMC a stronger employer. In addition, she encourages all staff members to set aside the amount of time you need based upon your role in the organization.

For our nursing staff, who will take all three parts of the survey, the survey could take up to 45 minute to complete. Dubree is looking for everyone’s help to increase our participation rate to 75 percent or better.

VUMC HR: Why is it important for my voice to be heard?

Dubree: Our nurses are one of the Medical Center’s greatest assets and nursing leadership, myself included, believe in the role we play as advocates for nurses in all their roles as they care for patients. It’s important for us to hear all the voices and feedback we can, not just from nursing, but from all the team members around the Medical Center. It points us in the right direction on what is really working and what we can do better.

In my experience, surveys are a conversation opener for us. It allows leaders to sit with staff and say “the score says this, but what might that mean for our team, our group or our unit?” In turn, that participation is a reflection of staff believing that we will listen and engage in conversation with them about how to use that content. That is the most valuable part.

VUMC HR: What does engagement mean to you?

Dubree: Engagement for me is about all of us feeling inspired and activated by the meaningful work we do. So the measurement of engagement becomes a reflection of the passion and inspiration we feel about caring for patients, working with colleagues, and contributing to the health of our community. That engagement is reflected in the actions and service we do.

VUMC HR: What are some of the ways nursing has used previous survey feedback to improve the work environment (wins?) What are you most proud of?

Dubree: Since our last survey, we’ve made a big difference and have had many big wins by focus on having appropriate staffing, leadership development, expansion of the clinical staff leader (CSL) role, the involvement of teams in problem solving, our contribution to improved quality scores health system wide (i.e., decrease in falls and surgical infections) and an increase in patient satisfaction results. All those successes are linked to a remarkable nursing staff and nursing leadership.