August 4, 2016

Facebook community seconds U.S. News' accolades for VUMC

The Vanderbilt Facebook community responded positively to the news that Vanderbilt University Medical Center was ranked among the nation’s finest hospitals by U.S. News and World Report

Posts about the rankings were seen by more than 169,000 Facebook users. They generated 6,155 “reactions,” comments and shares, along with 5,424 clicks on the post to read the article in the VUMC Reporter.

A couple of favorite responses are below, but you can read through — and thank users for their kind words — at the Vanderbilt Health Facebook page ( and the Children’s Hospital Facebook page ( 

"In November 1999, my husband flat-lined SIX times on the table at Vanderbilt after a massive heart attack! They saved him & got him back on the right track. We will forever be grateful for their attention, care & expertise! Everyone was amazing! We have made several visits since that time with his heart & had great success. Just last week, my husband had a severe bout of back pain and could not move for two days. I scheduled an ambulance service to take him to the ER because it was impossible for me to move him. Since it was not heart-related, he chose to go to a different hospital out of convenience. From the minute I entered, it was obvious that something was missing. For the next 7 hours we lived out a scenario filled with ambivalence, lack of attention, lack of communication, Inept patient care and had to beg for tests to be done to determine a proper diagnosis! It was horrible! I knew immediately that we had made a mistake by not going to Vanderbilt and believe me, it will never happen again!!!! I will probably be filing a written complaint about our experience. In all of our many visits in the past to Vanderbilt, there has never been a time that we felt such a pervasive lack of care! We learned the hard way that Vanderbilt IS the best!!! Thank you Vanderbilt! This honor is well deserved!!"

"My families (sic) first experience at Vanderbilt was when so little was known about RH Factor blood, in the early '50's. Dr. Amos Christie and staff at Vanderbilt Hospital saved my sister's life, and was prepared when another child was born with a complete blood transfusion, ultimately saving his. More recently, I was med flight (sic) to Vanderbilt after an accident, and as always received the care that help to establish Vanderbilt as one of the Nation's finest providers. It's a first for me to have their personnel to follow up after I was dismissed. Vanderbilt is so deserving of this recognition!!!