August 25, 2016

EpicLeap Workstation Inventory is ongoing

Inventory of VUMC hardware underway

Inventory of VUMC hardware underway

As part of EpicLeap, VUMC's partners at Dell are rounding throughout VUMC’s inpatient and outpatient areas to perform an inventory of existing hardware assets. This inventory will take place over the course of several weeks and is a critical part of EpicLeap. The institution is cataloging unique system names for accurate definition within the new ecosystem and ensuring readiness for our conversion to eStar.

The inventory team will check in with frontline staff before starting work. Their objective is to quickly and accurately inventory all hardware assets, including computers, monitors, printers, scanning devices, etc., with minimal disruption to operations and patient care. In many instances, they will be performing this work after 5 p.m.    

The following Dell partners are participating in this process (please note that other Dell partners may participate on an ad hoc basis):


Team Leader

Team Members

Ben Rader

Derrick Allen

Edward Allen

Lydia Davidson

Nicole McLaurine

Catina Nelson

Caleb Pitts

Jay Register

Byron Harris

Kyle Howell

James Moore

Ivan Ruiz-Rayo

Gabriel Arterburn

Austin Baker

Erick Burgess

Michael Herron

Kevin Helfrich

Kyle Howell

Randall Lueck

Brad McCorkle

Sean Rutherford

Rachel Simmons

Vincent Wiseman


If you have any questions or need to verify team members, please contact the following project leaders (listed in order of contact preference):

  • Dave Wilson, Project Manager            770-841-2780
  • Ahmad Salem, Project Analyst            817-366-1845
  • Hank Moore, Sr. Project Manager     615-796-0861