August 25, 2016

VUMC Culture Survey results are back; here's what you said



This article was prepared by VUMC Human Resources.

This year’s VUMC Culture Survey results are in and they reveal gains in employees’ overall engagement and confidence in the organization.

Thank you to the 15,000-plus Vanderbilt University Medical Center staff who participated in our VUMC Culture Survey. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts about working at VUMC. Our participation rate was 81 percent, which is way above our 69 percent rate last year.

“This figure is also above the national average of 75 percent average of health care facilities,” said Traci Nordberg, chief human resources officer. “The increased participation is especially important because the greater the participation, the more meaningful the results.”

The results of the VUMC Culture Survey showed that overall engagement is on upswing. The engagement scored increased by 5 percent from 3.79 to 3.97 on a 5-point scale.

Overall engagement, based on six specific questions, is a compilation of questions such as whether one is generally a satisfied employee, recommending our organization to a family or friend and being proud to tell people you work here.

“Leaders and teams have diligently worked this past year on many new communication forums and channels such as huddles, insights and ideas meetings, mini surveys, HR bundle work, stay interviews and leader rounding. These concerted efforts are making a difference and moving us in a positive direction,” said C. Wright Pinson, MBA, M.D., Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Health System Officer for VUMC.

“The culture survey feedback is one of the most important guideposts we use, and we see signs of significant progress,” he continued.

This year’s VUMC Culture Survey combined the Engagement, Magnet and Safety and marked the first time, the Medical Center partnered with Press Ganey, the firm that conducts our patient satisfaction surveys. Studies show that team engagement, safety, nursing excellence and patient satisfaction are all directly correlated. Having Press Ganey administer all our surveys, allows us to make  better connections between what VUMC employees think about their work and what patients think about the care they receive.

Topline results also showed:

  • For the second year in a row, the item with the greatest movement in favorable ratings — Vanderbilt has a clear sense of direction — improved by double digits. This year it increased 19 percent to 3.80.
  • We also saw a 17 percent increase to 3.68 in your confidence in senior management’s leadership.
  • Your willingness to recommend this organization as a good place to work also improved 10 percent to 3.91.

The results also pointed out opportunities for improvement.

  • My work unit is adequately staffed: scored 3.05
  • I am involved in decisions that affect my work:  scored 3.62.
  • Information from this survey will be used to make improvements: scored 3.43

In addition, staff delivered more than 16,000 comments that centered on their pride to work for VUMC and that the people is the number reason they like working at VUMC.

Each manager (with at least five responses) can access the survey data via the Press Ganey Employee Engagement Portal. It is each individual manager’s responsibility to report to the team about their results. Managers will share results with their teams in August and September and complete action planning by Sept. 30.

The survey results also gave VUMC an overall action planning readiness score of 85 percent. This indicates the organization readiness to engage with leaders in action planning to create positive changes based on our survey results. This puts VUMC in the moderately high range and above the national healthcare benchmark. 

The survey also helped us identify tiers of productivity and effectiveness at the work-unit level, based on a work unit’s results for 15 key survey items. Each unit is placed into one of three tiers with Tier 1 having a higher score and Tier 3 a lower score.

Tier level indicates the level of need for survey follow up activities. As a result, Tier 2 teams will pick 1-2 items and each Tier 3 teams will pick 5 items they will work on during this fiscal year. 

“The results from the survey point us to areas we will work on during the coming year,” said Pinson. “Engagement is important to how people feel and to how an organization performs in every way.”

As a result of your feedback, we will identify and improve many local teams in fiscal 2017, and your voice will help us make your VUMC a great place to work.

Visit VUMC Culture Survey on the HR website to view more results.