September 22, 2016

Diagnostic Laboratories to switch to Remote Hosting Saturday, Sept. 24

On Saturday, Sept. 24, the Health IT and Diagnostic Laboratories will implement Remote Hosting for the Cerner Millennium and CoPath laboratory information systems. Remote Hosting means that all servers used by the laboratory information system (LIS) will move from VUMC and will now reside on hardware located in Kansas City at Cerner’s secure facilities. This should provide improved benefits in server maintenance and reliability.

There will be a LIS DOWNTIME on Saturday Sept. 24 from 11 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. The Command Center will be operational to monitor the progress of this transition.  If there is an unexpected event which impacts the return to normal operations, there is an escalation plan to communicate this status and manage operations to support patient care.  During this downtime, the following activities will occur:

• Only stat priority tests will be processed. All stat orders should be entered in HEO/WIZ and the HEO/WIZ paper requisition should accompany the specimen. 

• If a Clinic is open, then the paper DOWNTIME requisition and label must be used for stat and routine test orders since orders for lab tests cannot be processed in VOOM. Other types of orders can be placed in VOOM during the downtime.

• All routine lab tests needed by 11 a.m. should be ordered, collected and sent to lab by 9 a.m., if possible. After 11 a.m., all routine priority tests should be ordered in HEO/WIZ but do not collect specimen until after StarPanel banner notice that the downtime is complete. All routine priority specimens received after 11 a.m. will be performed after the downtime is complete. However, if a routine specimen requires testing due to specimen integrity or the return to normal operations is delayed, then routine tests will be performed.

• Results will not be transmitting to StarPanel. All stat results will be communicated to the units per downtime protocol: fax result reports to both EDs and call results to other units. Users (including the ED’s) should call the lab at 5-LABS (875-5227) for any questions about lab orders or results.

• Critical results will be called to all units since ALERTS for lab results is impacted by the downtime. 

• Point-of-care testing can be performed but glucose, GEM, and A1C results will not post into StarPanel until downtime is completed.

• Downtime is not expected to negatively impact anatomic pathology specimens including intraoperative/frozen section specimen evaluation.

• After the LIS remote hosted hardware conversion is complete, lab results will cross into StarPanel for all tests performed after the downtime is complete. Test results completed during the downtime will cross into StarPanel but it will take a few hours for the interface to process this backlog of data. There may be some delays in result turnaround time during the recovery period due to the increased volume.

IMPORTANT: any requests for blood bank testing and blood products are not impacted by this downtime since the Blood Bank Lab uses a different software application (SCC). All orders for blood bank tests and products can be processed as per standard protocol.

For questions or additional information on the LIS Downtime please contact Teresa Wood, manager LIS, Patrick Norris, director of HealthIT, Ancillary Systems or Candis Kinkus, administrative director of Diagnostic Laboratories.