September 15, 2016

Medical Center users migrating to

The process of the legal and financial separation of the Medical Center and the university continues as VUMC IT prepares to move all Medical Center Box users to a different area of the Box system. All Box accounts and data will remain intact.

box sign in

box sign in

Beginning Sept. 23, all Medical Center Box users will log in at The new login screen will look a little different. will remain the Medical Center’s cloud storage platform of choice.

There are a few things to keep in mind when the migration takes place.

The login webpage will change to for Medical Center users.

Users moving to the new address will retain ownership of all folders in their box account. Access to folders across the Vanderbilt enterprise should remain the same. For example, if a Medical Center user was originally invited to collaborate in a folder owned by a university user, all access levels will remain the same unless manually removed by the folder owner.

Custom links and shared links will no longer work. For example:

  • Shared links set to “people in your company” and associated with content owned by university users will no longer be accessible to VUMC users, and vice versa. The file/folder itself will remain intact.
  • Custom shared links for files or folders owned by VUMC users will no longer work because the file/folder will have a new box domain The file/folder itself will remain intact.

Lastly, items in deleted/trash folders will not be moved over for Medical Center users. Users can retain documents in the trash folder by restoring them to the original location prior to migration.

When the migration takes place, issues should be reported by calling the Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (615-343-4357). 

The target date for the Medical Center Box transfer is Friday, Sept. 23; however, this could change. Information will be sent out before the target date with confirmation and contact information.

For more information, contact Tracey Mayo Stree at

screenshot of VUMC login page

screenshot of VUMC login page