October 6, 2016

AcuDose update set for Oct. 11

The AcuDose cabinets will receive a software upgrade on Oct. 11, 2016.  The software upgrade will be required for the AcuDose cabinets to interface with Epic.  The new software package will have a new look and feel to screen placement, offer new safety features and workflow enhancements.  Highlights of the new features:

  •       Allows nurses to complete a Remove transaction of the final med in drawer by simply closing the drawer
  •       Controlled Substances:  Pocket count required first, then remove dose
  •       Scan on Return
  •       MedQueue - Shopping cart like view of medications selected for removal, waste, return, override, or inventory
  •       Overdue flag
  •       History tab, ability to view last removed/last administered, overdue & hold
  •       View allergies
  •       Quick reference of stock/ not stocked/cabinet location

The update will be a two part process. The upgrade will start with updating the server starting just after midnight on Oct. 11.  This will take approximately six hours to complete. The AcuDose cabinets will be in override for this time period. The cabinets are able to vend medications for current orders and current patients, but new patients and new orders will not populate the cabinets. From 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. the software will be applied to the individual AcuDose cabinets. A schedule of cabinet downtime will be published to allow staff members to plan for workflow the day of the upgrade. 

During the downtime, BioID will not be available. To vend medications from the AcuDose, the user will need to type their username and password into designated fields. The Vanderbilt IT Help desk can assist users in resetting their password.  Usernames and Passwords will need to be obtained prior to the start of downtime.