October 18, 2016

VUMC in the news

A roundup of a few recent positive stories from the press about Vanderbilt University Medical Center:

Last week’s Flulapalooza vaccine event drew coverage from all four television stations in Nashville.

  • Samantha Singer, reporter from WZTV Fox 17, covered Flulapalooza with several live shots and also interviewed Melanie Swift, M.D., director of Vanderbilt Occupational Health Clinic and lead physician at Flulapalooza, about the event and its importance.
  • Najahe Sherman, reporter at WKRN News 2, covered Flulapalooza and interviewed Swift and employees.

National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” interviewed William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine, about the reasons why parents do not get their children vaccinated for the flu.

ABC News did two stories about increases in disease in the wake of Hurricane Matthew that quoted William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine. One, headlined Health issues after Hurricane Matthew could include increased Zika, dealt primarily with threats to residents of the United States, while the other ABC News story was about the rise in cholera cases reported in Haiti after the hurricane.