October 18, 2016

VUMC Software Store to offer GraphPad Prism to Medical Center departments

The VUMC IT Software Store offers Medical Center departments an annual subscription to GraphPad Prism for $51.50 per license. This program will be especially interesting to researchers who want to represent a large amount of data quickly and simply.

The VUMC Software Store has not offered GraphPad Prism until now and it is available for both Windows and Mac. This program combines scientific graphing, nonlinear regressions and data organization abilities that make difficult statistics understandable. Subscriptions include free upgrade rights to new versions that GraphPad might release during the subscription term.

To purchase or renew a subscription, visit http://it.vanderbilt.edu/vumcsoftwarestore, log-in with your VUnet ID and ePassword, and place your order under the Departments/Research Tools tab.

Contact vumc.softwarestore@vanderbilt.edu for additional information.