December 22, 2016

Dayani Center lowers age criteria for membership

Individuals over age 55 who are not physically active may have a life expectancy that is at least three years shorter than those who exercise, according to a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Regular exercise may also slow certain age-related declines in motor and cognitive processing, meaning you are more likely to move and think quickly if you are physically active.

Because of these and the many other benefits of exercise, the Dayani Center is now lowering the age of membership from 65 to 55. Membership is open to those who are younger, as long as they meet the medical critera. No doctor's referral is needed.

The Dayani Center is a medically based wellness center designed for those who need to exercise, but don't feel comfortable in a regular gym because they have a medical condition, need a warm water pool or require individual instruction in order to exercise safely.

The center also offers land and aquatic group fitness classes, personal training, a renovated track and one of the largest warm water therapy pools in Nashville. Please visit or email to see if you meet our membership criteria.