January 19, 2017

Center for Quantitative Science conducting survey about Summer Insititute

This summer the Vanderbilt Center for Quantitative Sciences (CQS) is hosting its fourth annual Summer Institute from Aug. 7-18. 

The CQS Summer Institute provides graduate students, research fellows, faculty and investigators the opportunity to gain fundamental skills to apply the theory and methods behind the design and conduct of clinical research studies. The Institute covers core knowledge in biostatistics and bioinformatics, as well as more specialized studies of data visualization, modeling, statistical software and analysis, high-dimensional experiments, next-generation sequencing, and genome-wide association studies. 

In the past it has offered four week-long courses providing a hands-on learning experience in biostatistics and bioinformatics, and while the plan is to continue with these courses, there is an opportunity to consider enhancing and/or expanding the program by covering additional topics of interest. 

CQS would like to hear from past, present and potential students to get an idea of which topics would be most beneficial to cover. CQS has prepared a brief survey to help prepare for the 2017 CQS Summer Institute andbetter meet the needs of students.

Survey:  CQS Summer Institute Course Offering

Course and registration information will soon be available for the 2017 CQS Summer Institute at https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/cqs/.