January 30, 2017

Medical Center Staff Advisory Council meets monthly, seeks involvement from employees

The Medical Center Staff Advisory Council (MCSAC) is comprised of full and part-time, exempt and non-exempt, non-faculty employees of Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). 

Medical Center staff serve as regular attendees on behalf of other employees in their areas, as alternates, and council officers. The council has historically been a rotating group of employees that can share information, interact with leaders on activities occurring at VUMC and provide a place to network and enrich the lives of staff at Vanderbilt. As an advisory group, the council works to bridge gaps, provide focus groups or committee members for administrative efforts and share suggestions to improve all the workplace. New members are welcome. If you are interested in joiningplease inquire by contacting vikkie.elliott@vanderbilt.edu.

The MCSAC responsibilities include supporting activities related to making VUMC a great place to work. In this regard, the council has been charged to participate in various medical center committees that might impact:

·         Information sharing
·         Change and improvement
·         Community building
·         Job fulfillment
·         Recognition and engagement of staff
·         Safety and Wellness
·         Employee satisfaction

The MCSAC members are expected to be engaged and actively participate in discussions and functions of the MCSAC and gather/disseminate information with their constituent groups.  In addition to the monthly Staff Advisory Council meeting, council members are required to participate in one of the four standing committees:  Staff Life Committee; Events Committee; Communication Committee; Rules and Administration Committee. 

The MCSAC also serves as a philanthropic organization to the Vanderbilt community through multiple fundraisers. Our largest annual fundraiser is the Needles and Pins Craft Fair. Through these fundraisers, the MCSAC is able to provide support to the Employee Hardship Fund, as well as being able to award a number of grant requests that we receive each year.

The MCSAC holds monthly meetings with where guest speakers are invited to present on a wide variety of topics from all areas of the medical center. In addition to guest speakers, we include special VUMC announcements, committee updates and give our council the opportunity to voice areas of concerns.