February 23, 2017

CERNER downtime to be this Saturday

A CERNER downtime, affecting some lab information systems, will take place 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25.

During the Downtime

Cerner Lab Information System (LIS) for both Anatomic Pathology (AP) & Clinical Pathology (CP) will be down.

SCC (software vendor for Blood Bank) will NOT be down.


10 a.m. -1 p.m.

  • HEO/WIZ (inpatient electronic order entry system) will be up and used for STAT orders.
  • VOOM (outpatient -- clinic -- electronic order entry) will be up but must use downtime reqs and labels for both STAT and Routine orders since it cannot process Lab orders.
  • All lab instruments will be operational but only STAT tests performed.
  • All Routine lab tests needed by 10:00 AM should be ordered, collected and sent to lab by 8:00 AM, if possible. 
  • After 10 a.m., routine orders may be entered in HEO/WIZ but do not collect specimen until after StarPanel banner notice that the downtime is complete.
  • No results crossing to STAR; STAT ED results will be sent via fax and all Critical results to all locations and STAT results to inpatient units will be called.
  • Point-of-care glucose, GEM, and hemoglobin A1C testing can occur during the downtime, but results will not post to Star Panel until the downtime is completed.
  • Contact lab @ 5-LABS (875-5227) for Lab order or test result questions during downtime.


Recovery from Downtime

  • After the LIS upgrade is complete, lab results will cross into Star for all tests performed during the downtime. Due to the backlog of data, this process may take a few hours.
  • Lab will begin recovery so that results completed during downtime will cross into Star, including Point of Care Testing (POCT) for GEMS (blood gas analyzer), glucose meters and A1c.

HEO/WIZ is the inpatient electronic order entry system and VOOM is the outpatient (clinic) electronic order entry system