March 9, 2017

New EpicLeap Ledger now available

Things that are true:

  1. EpicLeap training is mandatory for all faculty and staff
  2. Everyone should take training seriously and pay attention in class
  3. You’ll take an assessment at the end of each classroom session to put your new skills to the test
  4. You can take each assessment up to five (5) times

Things that are not true

  1. If you don’t pass your assessment the first time, you’ll be left on your own to figure out how to pass on subsequent attempts
  2. The assessments are designed to be tricky and overly difficult
  3. You won’t have a “playground” environment in which to practice
  4. You won’t feel supported by VUMC if you’re struggling with passing your assessments

The latest issue of the EpicLeap Ledger takes a look at EpicLeap training in more detail – see page 3.