April 4, 2017

New partner chosen for Medical Center managed print services

VUMC continues to work with Auxilio Inc. to develop a management plan for our fleet of printers, copiers and fax machines.  Auxilio is preparing to provide comprehensive operational services including auto toner fulfillment and proactive service on our equipment. Additionally, Auxilio will be partnering with VUMC departments to educate and train teams how to use our printing assets more efficiently.  

The beginning phase of this process focuses on mapping and tagging the current copier, printer and fax fleet. The Auxilio team will be visiting Medical Center departments on an ongoing basis as they perform an inventory of all print devices. This inventory will involve recording the make, model, serial number and location of each device, as well as the application of a new Auxilio barcode tag to each device.

No changes will be made to current business processes during the mapping and tagging process. All end users should continue to order toner and request service using the processes they utilize currently.

Additional information will be published to the Managed Print webpage as the program progresses.