April 27, 2017

Enterprise guest wireless network changing

VUMCGuest Wireless

VUMCGuest Wireless

Over the next year, VUMC IT will be working to improve the user experience of the wireless networks throughout VUMC. While the overall plan includes changes for all wireless networks, VUMC IT has focused its immediate efforts on creating a more user-friendly and secure guest network. The new guest network, called “VUMCGuest”, will replace “vummiv” and will improve the online experience for guests and patients who wish to connect to the Internet while at VUMC or one of its clinics.

“VUMCGuest” is a complimentary service offered to our guests and patients to provide convenient and fast access to the Internet for surfing the web, streaming music, movies, and videos, or connecting gaming consoles. Connecting to the new guest network will also be much easier.  

To ensure a secure Internet connection, there will be a password required to access the network. The password for the “VUMCGuest” wireless network is “vumcguest”. Once a user has correctly entered the password for the network, they will not be asked to provide it again. 

Both the “vummiv” and the “VUMCGuest” networks will be available for one month beginning on May 1, 2017, and ending on May 31, 2017.  After May 31, “vummiv” will no longer be available in Medical Center Buildings and all guests will be required to use “VUMCGuest” for wireless access. 

The Enterprise Data Network Split project will also establish new wireless networks for employees and devices over the next few months. More information about these changes will be announced soon.

A “VUMCGuest” flyer to print and post in your area is available here.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Chris.Marshall@vumc.org.