April 25, 2017

VUMC in the news

A roundup of a few recent stories from the press about Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

U.S. News & World Report health & wellness editor Anna Medaris Miller interviewed William Schaffner, M.D., professor of Preventive Medicine, for a story about stay-healthy secrets from people who don't get sick. WebMD reporter Kathleen Doheny also interviewed Schaffner for a story about Texas experiencing its highest mumps outbreak in 22 years, with 221 cases so far this year. 

“The Naked Scientists” podcast interviewed Ellen Wright Clayton, M.D., J.D., Craig-Weaver Professor of Pediatrics, professor of Law, professor of Health Policy, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society, for a story about genetic screening titled "Should I sequence my genes?" The podcast is broadcast over the BBC, ABC Australia and others internationally.

Time reporter Amanda MacMillan interviewed Jens Titze, M.D., M.D., associate professor of Medicine and of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, for a story about his Journal of Clinical Investigation study that sheds new light on the body’s response to high salt intake and could provide an entirely new approach to some of the major diseases.

Smithsonian covered Vanderbilt research that indicates that the slime of a frog called Hydrophylax bahuvistara, found in the southern Indian province of Kerala, contains small molecules that can destroy strains of flu virus. The compound isn’t very stable in the human body, however, so scientists will need to figure out how to make a synthetic version that lasts longer. Louise Rollins-Smith, Ph.D., associate professor of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, is quoted.

The Weather Channel interviewed Brian Christman, M.D., professor of Medicine, live on the network’s Tuesday morning broadcast, about the health effects of seasonal wild fires in the state of Florida..

WKRN News 2 interviewed Oscar Guillamondegui, M.D., associate professor of Surgery and of Hearing and Speech Sciences, about an alarming number of children who have been seriously injured in ATV wrecks in the Middle Tennessee area over the last two weeks.