April 25, 2017

EpicLeap training registration information outlined



With EpicLeap Go Live a little more than six months away, many Vanderbilt colleagues are eager to learn more about how they’ll sign up for the right training classes. 

Colleagues may want to know:

  • How will they know which classes they need to take to do their jobs on November 2?
  • How will they determine the best dates and times to take an offered class?
  • How will they ensure that their clinics or areas will continue to operate and deliver great patient care while they’re at training?

According to VUMC’s executive director of learning and development Cory Colton, “We’re really addressing two parallel needs as part of our overall effort. The first is ensuring that people are enrolled in the right courses—that they are assigned to the training tracks that will ensure they’re ready to deliver excellent patient care on November 2. The second is then helping them register for the right individual sessions of those courses.”

To deliver on these two needs, the EpicLeap Training team will host a series of Registration Fairs, which will offer the opportunity for managers to complete the registration process in the Learning Exchange with on-site support from team members. Held on the main campus, at One Hundred Oaks and in Williamson County, frontline managers will attend these events. While attendance is not required for managers to complete this registration process, the program team strongly encourages they attend a Fair.

During a Registration Fair, managers will first work with EpicLeap Principal Trainers (PTs) to make sure that their employees will be enrolled in the right courses. These PTs will help managers understand the optimal training tracks, or specific combination of courses, for the various roles the manager oversees.

Once they have a solid grasp of the right course combinations for each of their employees, managers may then choose to work with on-site Registration Fair representatives to register these employees in the ideal sessions. Supported by an EpicLeap team member, managers can register as many or as few of their employees as they wish during the event. Many managers may choose to complete Classroom Session registrations at another time.

It is important for managers to take the lead on these Classroom Session registrations, as they can balance the operational and patient care needs of their specific departments, areas or clinics with the training expectations for their staff. They can also work around issues such as employee PTO. Prior to the Registration Fair, managers should connect with their site leader, clinic director or administrative director to strategically plan for adequate coverage for patient care in their area.

“Helping the Medical Center continue to deliver excellent patient care while we’re training thousands of people in nine weeks is our top priority,” adds Colton. “The EpicLeap Training team will collaborate with frontline managers to deliver on this promise, but ultimately, it’s our managers who understand the particular operational needs of their areas. Our job is to make sure there’s a broad offering of session dates and times, so these needs can be met.”

Managers can designate other individuals to attend a Registration Fair on their behalf—managers with dozens of direct HR reports, for example, may choose to empower two or three of their senior team members to assist with EpicLeap training registration.

Registration Fairs will begin in May 18, 2017 and continue through June 23, 2017. Additional information will be coming soon, including specific locations and their corresponding dates and times, how to sign up to attend a Fair, and specific directions on how to set up designees.

This process of manager-directed registration for EpicLeap training will not apply to VUMC’s approximately 4,000 providers. Providers will be enrolled by a separate process in partnership with their cohort leaders.