May 4, 2017

PolicyTech system update coming tomorrow

The evening of Friday, May 5, a PolicyTech system update will be released. The new version (9.6) will include several new features that will be rolled out to the VUMC community in the coming weeks.

Switch to Google Chrome: PolicyTech 9.6 release works best with either Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome, however, most VUMC computers are running Internet Explorer version 9 or 10 currently. Due to other system interaction, VUMC cannot transition all users to Internet Explorer 11 until after the eStar GoLive date in November. While not supported, Internet Explorer 9 and 10 can still be used to access PolicyTech 9.6 and view documents. 

If you are a document Owner, Reviewer, and/or Approver, you must transition to using Chrome in order to access the editing features designed for Policytech 9.6. The Office of Healthcare Compliance is emailing all Owners, Reviewers, and Approvers directly with instructions for switching to Chrome.

To add a PolicyTech shortcut to your desktop in Chrome, see this Job Aid.

For questions regarding PolicyTech or the upgrade, please contact