May 18, 2017

EpicLeap Training Registration Fairs begin today

The EpicLeap team will be hosting a series of Registration Fairs throughout the Medical Center, beginning May 18 with Light Hall. During a Registration Fair, VUMC managers will complete two important tasks critical to the training effort for EpicLeap:

  1. Enrolling their employees in the right EpicLeap training courses
  2. Registering their employees for individuals sessions of these courses that best meet the scheduling demands of their areas/departments

To assist in this process, Registration Fairs will be staffed by EpicLeap trainers, who will ensure that employees are mapped to the right courses (or series of courses, known as a “training path”), so that these employees can do their jobs at Go Live. There will also be EpicLeap representatives available during the Fairs to assist managers with registering employees in specific Classroom Sessions within the Learning Exchange.

Managers are being asked to enroll and register their employees—instead of them registering on their own—as they are in the best position to help balance the operational and patient care needs of their specific departments, areas or clinics with the training expectations for their staff. They also have much-needed visibility into important factors such as employee PTO schedules.

While attendance at a Registration Fair is not mandatory, managers will derive a great deal of benefit by going to one. A Registration Fair will be the only opportunity that managers will receive dedicated, one-on-one support from EpicLeap team members in navigating the enrollment and registration process.

Managers may view the Registration Fair schedule here and register for one here. Once enrolled in the Registration Fair course and ready to select a session, they can search for sessions by location. 

The EpicLeap team has created a number of resources to clarify the processes around attending a Registration Fair and getting employees signed up for EpicLeap training.

Please visit the EpicLeap website to find information such as: