May 26, 2017

VUMC employee wireless network changing

VUMC Wireless

VUMC Wireless

VUMC Information Technology has been working to improve the wireless network throughout the enterprise for several months. The overall plan includes changes that will enhance the user experience across all wireless networks. Currently, VUMC IT is focused on establishing new employee networks. The network named VUMCEmployee will replace vuNet as the Medical Center’s official employee network. The University will continue to use vuNet as their employee network. To connect a device to the internet for the first time, VUMCEmployeeSetup will replace vuSetup. Employees should expect the same level of wireless coverage with the new networks.

Key dates regarding this change include:

  • June 1 – VUMCEmployee and VUMCEmployeeSetup networks will be available for all employees in Medical Center buildings
  • June 1 - vuSetup will be removed as a wireless network
  • After Sept. 30 - vuNet will no longer be available in VUMC buildings and all VUMC employees will be required to use VUMCEmployee for wireless access

More information about the planned network changes and simple steps on how to connect will be available closer to June 1. Visit the VUMC Wireless page for information on the current employee wireless network.

If you have any questions please contact Chris Marshall at