May 26, 2017

Mumps update for VUMC clinicians

Mumps cases are still sporadically being diagnosed throughout Middle Tennessee. Clinicians should consider some important aspects of mumps to ensure that VUMC providers identify any suspected cases and prevent spread of the mumps virus to others.

Recommendations for all VUMC Clinicians:

  • Consider mumps as a diagnosis in anyone with unilateral or bilateral parotid or other salivary gland swelling. 
  • Isolate suspected mumps cases using Droplet Precautions (wear a surgical mask to enter patient room) and place a surgical mask on the patient when he or she must travel outside of the room.
  • Obtain specimens for testing (buccal swab for mumps PCR and culture, other viral testing such as RVP).
  • All health care workers need to be up to date on MMR vaccine/or immunity status. Check your vaccine/immunity status in the Health and Wellness Information Portal at Log in and click on “Occupational Health Status” to see what services may be needed for compliance, and “Occupational Health Record” to view your record of MMR vaccines or immunity that we have on file.

For more details on the clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and infection control guidance for mumps, please go to the Infection Prevention website contact Infection Prevention with any questions at 615-835-1205.