June 1, 2017

Final days of idea submission nearing on IdeaShare



by Cynthia Manley

Everyone has great ideas. IdeaShare provides the opportunity for you to share yours.

If you haven’t yet joined IdeaShare, you can by visiting vumc.spigit.com and creating an account (it requires a unique sign-on).

If you have joined the IdeaShare team hopes you’ll stay engaged in the IdeaShare community, sharing other ideas and commenting and give “thumbs up” for your favorites. Participants are also encouraged to invite co-workers to join.

You can submit and comment on as many ideas as you want through Tuesday, June 6. On Wednesday, June 7, the next phase opens to sort the ideas. Called Pairwise, you’ll see two ideas at a time and quickly pick your favorite. We’ll collectively push the best ideas to the top.

So far, 229 ideas have been submitted and generated nearly 2,000 likes and 300 comments.

The idea for food trucks on campus continues to be popular as does establishing employee community service days, putting all conference rooms online and an intranet or “Facebook” for VUMC employees. Lots of conversation is going on about benefits.

Some new ideas include creating a community for VUMC retirees, healthy meal take-out options for employees to take home after work and having a team of experts whose job is to understand the National Institutes of Health rules and help with complex grants (like K grants).

So far, nearly 900 people have participated. IdeaShare is a form of crowdsourcing, and experts in this area say that organizations who use it see hundreds of people submitting ideas and many more taking part in the sorting phase.

Nine hundred is about 4 percent of our workforce--and a lot of the other 96 percent has great ideas, too. This is the opportunity to share yours.