June 8, 2017

Ranking Now Open in IdeaShare

Thank you to everyone who has participated in IdeaShare, a new interactive way to share ideas throughout VUMC. The idea submission phase, which closed on Tuesday, generated more than 14,448 likes, comments and views on more than 217 ideas.

Yesterday, you received an email announcing the opening of the second phase called Pairwise, which allows you make choices between pairs of ideas the system presents to you. It is quicker and more fun than the idea submission phase, and is an easy way to anonymously rank ideas and send the best ones to the top.

The Pairwise phase is open to everyone, regardless of participation in the first phase. And since it opened yesterday, more 498 colleagues across VUMC logged into IdeaShare and completed a total of 17,634 Pairwise choices.

So if you haven't already done so, log in to IdeaShare and start participating today. And encourage your colleagues to participate too. It's not too late, and any participation is valuable.