June 15, 2017

IdeaShare: If You Don't Vote, Your Favorite Idea May Be Overlooked

A big thank you is due to the 1,300 people at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who are active users of IdeaShare and the nearly 800 who have already helped rank ideas submitted by colleagues.

We’ve completed more than 26,000 “Pairwise” ranking choices, in which users quickly choose between two ideas a time to anonymously send the best to the top.

Voting on ideas about our benefits remains the most popular activity.

For those who have not voted on ideas, there is still time to make your voice heard.

So far, most popular ideas include increasing lunch capacity with a plaza food court or food trucks, creating a communication hub for “all things Vanderbilt” and putting emphasis on retention of employees.

But only 4 percent of our workforce has voted. Among nearly 250 ideas, there may be gems that you really care about that deserve more attention than they are getting.

Voting on ideas can be done from anywhere, on desktop or mobile. And it can be done in short periods of activity a few minutes such as while waiting in line for a cup of coffee, sitting on the shuttle or walking across campus.

You can vote on up to 30 pairs in each of three campaigns focused on how we communicate, how we can take action to improve our workplace and our employee benefits.

So if you haven't already, log in to IdeaShare, and start voting today.