June 13, 2017

Innovative Training Opportunity for Leaders

The Financial Training team is excited to announce a new offering: The Business Training System’s (BTS) Healthcare Simulation. This learning experience is part of the VUMC Leadership Development program. In recent weeks, several of our Finance colleagues have participated in piloting and assessing this program. Thank you to those who helped us to kick-off this innovative program!

This one-day simulation provides leaders an interactive environment to improve their strategic decision making and assists in developing their healthcare business acumen. Participants assume the role of the senior leadership of a hospital and are charged with creating and executing a strategic plan, while adapting to unforeseen scenarios and risks.

Participants will face challenges such as growing revenues, shrinking costs, and managing reimbursement rates while optimizing staff utilization and investing in Capital Improvements. The goal is to understand how to maximize margin while ensuring that the organization is living up to its mission of a high quality health care provider.

Recent participant Jeremy Crawford said, “I really appreciated a learning opportunity that was designed to include situations that are very relevant to my own workflow but also allowed me to see a bigger picture than just my own viewpoint.  This simulation is ideal for leaders of many levels because it allows you to see the bigger picture and how daily decisions made at the departmental level affect the overall outcome of the enterprise.”

Upcoming offerings are below and if you are interested in learning more visit ***https://www.bts.com/docs/default-source/standard-programs/bts-healthcare-system-industry-simulation***

No prerequisite training is required for this program, however you must be in a leadership role to register for this learning experience:

  1. Access The Learning Exchange at https://webapp.mis.vanderbilt.edu/absorb-sso/login.action
  2. Log in with VUNetID and ePassword
  3. In the blue box entitled “Find a Course”  search for:  BTS
  4. Click Enroll, then Choose a Session to find the course, time and date desired

If you have any questions regarding this program, or other leadership offerings, please do not hesitate to contact learninganddevelopment@vanderbilt.edu.