June 30, 2017

EpicLeap Training Registration Fairs extended through Aug. 2

Due to the popularity and success of previous Registration Fairs, the EpicLeap team has decided to extend the schedule by adding more Fairs beginning July 12 and lasting through Aug. 2. Managers may view the updated Registration Fair schedule here.

These fairs were added to accommodate managers who were unable to attend an event from our original round, or who have follow-up questions or simply need additional support from the EpicLeap Training team.

The newly-added Registration Fairs will be hosted inside the Training Centers at both Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks (OHO) and the Critical Care Tower (CCT). The main entrance to the OHO Training Center is located at the top of the ramp at the north side of OHO (nearest Guitar Center and Thompson Lane—see map here), and the CCT Training Center is located inside Suite 2400 on the second floor of CCT.

While attendance at a Registration Fair is not mandatory, managers will derive a great deal of benefit by going to one. A Registration Fair is the only opportunity for managers to receive dedicated, one-on-one support from EpicLeap team members in navigating the enrollment and registration process.

During a Registration Fair, VUMC managers will complete two important tasks critical to the training effort for EpicLeap:

  1. Enrolling their employees in the right EpicLeap training courses
  2. Registering their employees for the individual sessions of these courses that best meet the scheduling demands of their areas/departments

To assist in this process, Registration Fairs will be staffed by EpicLeap trainers who will ensure that employees are mapped to the right courses (or series of courses, known as a “training path”). EpicLeap representatives will also be available to assist managers with registering employees in specific Classroom Sessions within the Learning Exchange.

For additional resources that help to clarify the processes around attending a Registration Fair and getting employees signed up for EpicLeap training, please visit the EpicLeap website.